Join the Railway Days Investment Summit for Railway Business Leaders and Hasten Your Company Growth!

The Railway Days Investment Summit is the opportunity you need you identify and exploit key signals from the international railway markets.


The summit provides excellent networking and interactive sessions where operators, infrastructure managers, government representatives and leaders from the international railway industry can exchange knowledge and offer their insight on the latest railway development projects.

Primarily through constructive competition and the removal of administrative and technical barriers, as well as new rail connections can an efficient European railway be achieved, and the participants to the Investment Summit will discuss and provide their valuable assessments on the latest and most important EU legislation whose purpose is the creation of a single European rail area by taking out the lingering hindrances.


reg2Develop your business through:

  • immediate sales from international railway markets
  • reduced costs from performant railway business
  • potential clients, distributors or partners
  • face-to-face interaction with targeted audiences in a SMART business environment
  • know-how from business leaders
  • key information on the international railway markets